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Tom Hardy Shares Another VENOM Movie Set Picture

Tom Hardy shared a new photo from the set of the upcoming Venom movie, which he has the title role in, to social media. Sony Pictures has joined the trend of making movies based on comic book universes instead of focusing on just one superhero with the release of Venom. It will focus mostly around the villains and the anti-heroes while Spider-Man is busy helping The Avengers keep the world safe.

Venom being the first installment of the studio’s shared universe, there is a lot riding on it. A lot of fans have questions whether or not their decision to use a villain instead of a hero was wise. After several delays, Venom finally got its start last month. There have been no new snags, and Tom Hardy has been making sure his fans get to see how far they’ve gotten so far. Though there aren’t a lot of details to share, he shares pictures to social media to keep the fans happy. A recent set video also leaked last week.

The newest picture Hardy took was from on set, and he posted it on Twitter via the Venom official Twitter account. He captioned it “Home. #Venom”:

He seems to be the one man marketing team in regard to the aforementioned Twitter account, as he is the only one who has posted anything on it. He may be doing it out of excitement for the role and to share that excitement with his fans, but it seems like production companies are using strategies where the talent is directly connecting with their fans to drive interest.

The hype Hardy is creating around the movie directly contradicts how some people feel about it, as Sony can’t use Spider-Man and Venom is seen as only being valuable as an adversary to him. With the villain moving out of state, and across the country, the story follows him as a sort of reformed bad guy or, at the very least, bad guy trying not to get in trouble. 2018 will mark the release of the first film in the new universe, and we will see how their strategy turns out.


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