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First Trailer For ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Released

Every so often, a movie comes along that ticks every single one of the requisite boxes needed in order to qualify for your ‘must see’ list. To clarify, we’re not simply talking here about one of the latest contributions to the Marvel, DC, or Star Wars franchises. We’re instead talking about something just that little bit more special and that little bit more niche. Something that has more talent wrapped around it’s inherent DNA than you can shake the proverbial shitty stick at. That something is Alita: Battle Angel.

For clarification purposes, Blade Runner 2049 was one such project. Directed by the cinematic legend that is Denis Villeneuve, and featuring a significant level of contribution from the cast and crew of the original movie, that was a film that you simply could not afford to miss.

The upcoming Ready Player One is yet another such offering. Adapted from the iconic sci-fi source material, and directed by Steven Spielberg, the first teaser for that film made it clear that again, here was something you can not afford to allow to pass you by.

This week saw the release of a trailer for yet another such important project. One that has a pedigree that really should make you sit up and take a hell of a lot of interest.

Written and produced by none other than the legendary James Cameron. Directed by the notorious Robert Rodriguez. With a cast that contains Christophe Waltz, Jennifer Connolly and Mahershala Ali. In simple terms, Alita: Battle Angel is a cinematic event you really need to free up the time to go and see.

Based upon an iconic 90’s manga comic (which has already been previously adapted into an equally successful animated feature), Alita: Battle Angel is the story of an amnesiac cyborg who is rescued from the scrapheap by an ageing inventor, and gradually comes to release who and what she is/was. Discovering that essentially she was created as a living weapon, her returning memories bring with them some moral enemies, as well as some predictably violent consequences.

Whilst Rose Salazar, the actress playing the titular Alita, is buried under a layer of significant CGI, everything else on show in the movie’s trailer is very much untouched live action. Being little more than a torso and head when she is discovered by Waltz, Alita quickly uses her personal recollections and muscle memory to go on the offensive, battling Ed Skrein (Deadpool), Casper Van Dein (Starship Troopers) and Jackie Earl Haley (Watchmen) in the process.

The footage pitches the final article somewhere between Real Steel and Blade Runner, which is clearly no bad thing at all. The action is split between some VERY orange days, and VERY dark blue nights. This is a suitably nightmarish vision of our future, where female robots huddle away in groups to avoid being attacked and overwhelmed by unscrupulous human beings.

Alita: Battle Angel is due for release July 20th, 2018.

What’d you think of the film’s first trailer? Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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