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Avengers: Infinity War Marvel Cinematic Universe

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Leaked Scene Reveals Trouble For Major Character

Obvious potential spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War follow!

Drax could be exiting the Marvel Cinematic Universe with his appearance in Avengers: Infinity War. Rumors suggest Dave Bautista is considering returning to the WWE, which would make sense if he no longer has a role in to reprise.

Reddit has unearthed some crude footage of the latest film (similar to leaked footage that surfaced in November) in the Avengers lineup, and it doesn’t look good for Drax the Destroyer. As it is unfinished, it isn’t a trailer, but a clip from the film itself.

The audio needs work, and there are blank parts, which are likely placeholders for closeups, perhaps of the Mad Titan and his Black Order. As the clip plays, Star Lord, Gamora, and Drax are infiltrating the Collector’s lair, which leads to Benicio Del Toro’s anti-hero in a tough spot at Thanos’s will. Of course, Drax wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to kill Thanos, as he holds him responsible for the deaths of his wife and kids.

Another thing that can’t be missed is the dynamic between the three, as Star Lord signals Gamora and Drax to wait and they just keep walking. Joe and Anthony Russo kept the nuances of the characters’ relationship with each other spot on here. That’s when we notice the Collector on the floor, already looking like he is dire straits. Whether or not Drax makes it out of this alive, it really looks like the Collector is cooked.

Kevin Feige has already said that Thanos does something terrible at the beginning of Infinity War:

“Within the first five minutes of Infinity War, people will understand why Thanos is the biggest and baddest villain in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.You know, we’ve been teasing Thanos since the very first Avengers film. Remember the end of Avengers, the very end of the movie he turns around in the chair and you realize something bad is coming. We’ve been teasing him for years and the trick is when you tease something for that long you have to deliver.”

This could very well be it. No one wants to see Benicio Del Toro or Dave Bautista leave, because they’re both great as their characters. However, that’s just what you get with movies of this type, and it is likely both Joe and Anthony Russo will kill off other characters as the story progresses.

Avengers: Infinity War releases May 4th, 2018. That’s a long way off, so we’ll keep giving you whatever information comes our way until then.

What do you think of the footage? Do you think its Drax who will die early on in Infinity War? Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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