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Kevin Sorbo Banned From East Coast Comicon For Conservative Beliefs

Kevin Sorbo, an actor who had popular roles such as Hercules and on Andromeda, isn’t one to back away from his beliefs in today’s shaky political climate. As a matter of fact, no one really seems to be. Anywhere you look, there’s an unwanted political opinion being shoved in your face. Apparently, though, if you disagree with the guy who runs one comic convention, your opinion just isn’t right.

At this point in his career, Sorbo makes the rounds at comic conventions, as some seem to be doing lately, and he’s pretty popular because of those roles we mentioned above. One convention he won’t be appearing at, however, East Coast Comic Con. The reason? Because he’s friends with Fox News’ Sean Hannity:

Kevin Sorbo Cliff Galbraith East Coast Comicon

Sorbo has responded to the comments, saying he hasn’t even heard of the event:

“I’ve never even heard of the East Coast Comicon. They don’t have any A-Listers attending. I think they are looking for free publicity.”

He added:

“The Left always screams about tolerance and freedom of speech, but it’s a one-way street for them. I don’t get upset with someone having a different point of view.”

Sean Hannity also responded, saying:

“I’ll pity the poor insecure guy who cannot escape his comic book world, and handle a little real world truth and reality and an opposing viewpoint. Take that Batman.”

He also tweeted:

As did a lot of other folks on Twitter:

Cliff Galbraith, the person responsible for all of this, had some interesting recent tweets, and people are responding saying they’re boycotting the convention:

Wherever you are on the political spectrum, I think most of us can agree that it’s silly to ban someone simply based on the fact that they’re friends with someone, and even over political beliefs – especially a comic convention, something that shouldn’t be politicized, as it’s an escape for people trying to get away from the headache that that entails.

What do you think about the convention banning Kevin Sorbo? Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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