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‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ Hit Netflix Last Night – And People Hated It

The Cloverfield Paradox, aka Cloverfield 3, was released last night to Netflix in a very surprising move. It was announced during Super Bowl 52, so it got all kinds of buzz – but the reaction afterwards wasn’t really what the filmmakers had hoped for, as it currently sits at a terrible 15% on Rotten Tomatoes at the time of writing this article.

The Cloverfield Paradox Negative Reviews:

CNN: Director Julius Onah’s film strands its solid cast in the vacuum of space with that most terrifying of monsters — an utterly convoluted script — producing a few tense moments but a general takeaway that’s much closer to puzzling than profound.

The Atlantic: The Cloverfield Paradox tries to tie into its 2008 forebear in a much more literal sense, and the result feels spectacularly inept.

IndieWireIt’s worth remembering that the Cloverfield movies were only able to successfully disrupt conventional distribution methods because they’re good. The best thing you can say about this one is that it’s free with your Netflix subscription.

Los Angeles Times: What excitement this movie is able to muster soon gives way to the startling realization that virtually none of its twists, for all their dimension-hopping audacity, have been coherently or intelligently thought through.

New York Times: Sounds intriguing, but the actual movie is strangely plain, eyesore-overlit and uselessly frantic.

Birth.Movies.Death: Precisely which bits [from the source material] were warped out of shape as the film journeyed to become a Cloverfield pseudo-sequel is difficult to discern, but the end result is a failed experiment.

Tampa Bay Times: It’s a bit of a mess. A tense, sometimes fun mashup of classic sci-fi, but often overwhelmed by absurdity and chaos.

Uproxx: With its haphazard plot twists and muddy motivations, Paradox mostly takes the boring parts from Life, Alien: Covenant, Event Horizon, and Interstellar … with a hint of one of the lesser Black Mirror episodes, and adds the word Cloverfield.

There were a few good ones:

Screen Rant: The Cloverfield Paradox is a disjointed, but enjoyable sci-fi horror/thriller that has mixed success as a shared universe film.

Polygon: It’s not a completely bad movie, and I was appropriately scared during the scary scenes and creeped out by the creepy scenes.

Paste Magazine: Is it any good? Well, yes — often it is, but it’s sometimes tough to find those moments.

Nerdist: At its best The Cloverfield Paradox is a fantastically tense locked room mystery in space, playing off complex concepts like quantum entanglement theory. In its weaker moments, it’s a solid sci-fi that leans heavily into the giants who’ve walked before it.

And then there was Twitter:

Bright reviews make it out to be the best film of the year compared to what The Cloverfield Paradox is currently getting. For those of you still interested, the film is currently streaming on Netflix right now, with Cloverfield 4 expected sometime soon.

Did you watch The Cloverfield Paradox? If so, what did you think? Either way, be sure to tell us all of your thoughts on the movie in the comments!

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