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Oscars Pornhub Searches Jennifer Lawrence Margot Robbie

Pornhub Reveals The Most Searched Celebrities After The Oscars

Alright everyone, time to fess up! Who amongst you on Sunday night thought it was appropriate to have a look at porn after the Oscars ceremony! C’mon, out with it! It must be someone, as popular porn site, Pornhub, has released a list of search terms from this past Sunday, and they certainly are eye opening. Read on to check them out.

The website (which I swear I’ve never heard of, honest) revealed a collection of the searches that users were looking for. Check them out below:
Pornhub Oscars

It definitely shows that people were clearly influenced by the awards ceremony with the term ‘Oscars’ seeing a growth of 1229% with ‘Awards’ in second place with an increase of 388%. The searches also included many of the film’s featured at the ceremony with Ladybird, The Shape of Water and Call Me By Your Name which is an interesting spread of genres.

Actresses also made the list, with Jennifer Lawrence taking the top spot with an impressive 141%, followed by Girls Trip star Tiffany Haddish at 44% and Suicide Squad’s Margot Robbie with 34%.

The biggest surprise is the inclusion of Silicon Valley star, Kumail Nanjiani who made the list just bcehind Robbie. It’s unsure who was searching for Nanjian, but it coould be that we are looking at the new generation of Hollywood heart-throb. Move over Clooney – Kumail is coming for all those sexiest male awards. Of course, his inclusion could be attributed to the fact that his Oscar nominated film, The Big Sick, was uploaded to the website several months earlier.

Overall, it’s pretty funny to see how easily influenced people can be, although I’m not sure what exactly they were expecting to find. It probably has given some porn producers some thoughts on their next XXX parodies.

Coming Soon — The Shape of Water: A XXX Parody. Oh no, wait….that’s probably just Hentai.

What do you think? Were you one of these individuals? Would you even admit it if you were? Let us know below!

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