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Justice League: Mortal

Cast Photo From Unmade ‘Justice League: Mortal’ Movie Revealed

Every so often a movie is written, announced, and then removed from existence. When the movie is abandoned, we often do not get to see or hear any of the details that were already chosen for the film. In 2008, George Miller was already in the pre-production for the movie Justice League: Mortal, when the movie was cancelled and never made. Although, they already had a cast lined up and were ready for the task they had ahead, they never were able to bring us the film we all wanted at the time.

Justice League: Mortal was a well known never made film, and to this day can still make headlines without even trying. There has been an image released of the line up in full costume for the film. Apparently only one of the characters in the photo was the correct cast member in the film (Megan Gale as Wonder Woman), and the rest were stand-ins for the shot but regardless the photo looks interesting enough.

There’s also a picture of Superman, courtesy of DC Films Hub:

Superman Justice League: Mortal

The costumes seem to be cut and pasted from the comic books in most aspects, we have some variations of course, like Batman, as always. We also get a glimpse of what Aquaman they were going for but with an updated look it seems. The photo is old and out of focus obviously, so every little detail is hard to make out, but the general point comes through bright and shining.

Even though the movie was never brought to the big screen, we get to witness its glory in a single shot from that time a movie almost got made. Hopefully, we can see a few more leaked images at some point but for now, we get to see how much Miller really stayed true to the comic books we all grew up loving!

Would you have dropped everything to see this movie? Can you think of any other movies that were dropped before being made? Be sure to tell us what you think in the comments below!

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