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Dwayne Johnson Bashes 2005 ‘Doom’ Movie – DOOM Twitter Account Responds

The latest Dwayne Johnson movie Rampage has finally hit, and it has one thing in common with one of Johnson’s earlier films. They both happen to be video game adaptations. Unfortunately the other film happens to be 2005’s DOOM; a lackluster attempt at loosely adapting the iconic game franchise with the same name.

While DOOM will forever be remembered as one of the worst video game adaptations of all time, it’s actually not alone in being hated. A lot of the time game adaptations fail to receive any kind of critical or fan acclaim, and given how Rampage is doing so far, it’s almost refreshing. In fact it may be one of the highest rated video game adaptations yet.

Rampage star Dwayne Johnson seems to have noticed this, and spoke to Total Film about DOOM and just how bad it really was.

“I lived the video game curse because I made Doom. And Doom was a movie based off a very popular video game and was incredibly unsuccessful. So I lived the curse, and I experienced it.”

He even explained how his experiences helped shape his approach to Rampage.

“Also making sure that there was a winking charm and humor in Rampage that, for me personally, was not in Doom.”

The Doom Twitter account took notice of Johnson’s comments:

Thankfully Rampage seems to be a step above DOOM, so here’s hoping that the film continues to do well with audiences. After all, it seems to have followed the video game closely enough to include some awesome giant monsters. While we wait for the next Godzilla movie to come out, it might make for some good fun.

How do you feel about Johnson’s earlier film DOOM? Do you think Rampage was any better? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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