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Marvel Reportedly Just Cast An Older Cassie Lang For ‘Avengers 4’

The actress who plays Scott Lang’s daughter Cassie Lang is the adorable Abby Ryder Forston. She appeared in Ant-Man, and will be seen again later this year in Ant-Man and the Wasp. However, when Avengers 4 comes out next year, she’ll be portrayed by Emma Fuhrmann.

The new report comes from ThatHashtagShow, and Fuhrmann also recently tweeted this:

Why does this matter? Well, Forston is ten years old. She was just seven when she made her first appearance in the MCU. Fuhrmann, on the other hand, is 17. For the character to age seven years in less than one, one of two things has to happen. One is that Avengers 4 takes place several years after Infinity War. The other is that there is time travel involved that allows Lang to meet his daughter in the future.

What do these possibilities mean for the MCU? Well, a time jump could mean that the events of Infinity War are so traumatic for the characters that we have to go years after the fact to see them resuming what we consider to be their “normal” lives. If the rumors of main character deaths are true, it would certainly be understandable if Earth’s Mightiest Heroes didn’t just go right back to heroing.

However, we think the second possibility is the more likely of the two. Leaks from the Avengers 4 set have revealed several pieces of evidence that many scenes will take place in the past. Some even seem to be in alternate versions of the past, bringing together characters and situations that didn’t originally coincide. Time travel will obviously be a big part of the next movie.

Given this evidence, the casting of a much older actress for Lang’s daughter would seem to indicate that there will also be scenes set in the future. It sounds like the Time Stone will get one hell of a workout.

Are you intrigued by the concept of Avengers 4 being a time travel film? Tell is your thoughts in the comments!

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