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Why Thanos Waited So Long To Go After The Infinity Stones

Avengers: Infinity War was a 10-year event in the making, but not just because all the stories tied in together but because even the villain’s time line made sense. The Marvel Cinematic Universe really worked hard to make sure the fans were pleased with almost every detail, and why Thanos waited until now to attack, isn’t much different.

If you have not seen the movie, turn back now, spoilers ahead, obviously.

Thanos starts off the film with the Power Stone, which is important for many reasons, especially that it grants him power and he is almost unbeatable. Up until 2014, the Power Stone was submerged in the oceans of Morag but every few hundred years the tides drop drastically. That lead to the Guardians of the Galaxy, spoiling Thanos’ plan and stopping him from retrieving that stone. After this battle, the stone was protected on Xandar by the Nova Corps.

Thanos Marvel

However, at this exact time, the Space Stone was being protected on Asgard and while Thanos could take out the Nova Corps, fighting Odin was a whole other level. The events of Ragnarok show Odin pass away and Asgard fall, which gave Thanos his chance to retrieve the two most important stones to have for his battle. He would have unbeatable power, and be able to travel wherever he wanted whenever, both important details in his plan.

Once Thanos had these stones, it was almost impossible to stop him. He was everywhere he wanted to be, he was as powerful as he could have imagined, and he was willing to go through great lengths to collect the other stones. Although, he did wait hundreds of years to collect all 6, unlike in the DCEU, there is actually a valid reason: it was time.

Does this make sense or do you think they are just lucky? Would you rather DCEU would start creating valid story lines much like Marvel has? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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