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Fans Believe They’ve Spotted An ‘Avengers 4’ And ‘Deadpool 2’ Connection

The potential Fox and Marvel Studios merger has been in huge talks for a long while, and so long as Comcast stops keeping their hands on the deal, it might just work out fine for both sides. Fans worldwide have been wanting the X-Men and Fantastic Four to come back to the home roots and fight alongside the other Avengers. But could there already be hints at a deal so obviously close in the in-universe of the films? A theory confirms that it could very well be that confident.

Early shots of Avengers 4 appear to have Captain America, Iron Man and Ant-Man wearing strange tech on set for their scenes. Obviously it could be taken any direction, with it being made by Stark Industries or even developed by Hank Pym. We have no idea what it’s even used for, so what makes it significant?

In comes Deadpool 2, with our already ironic connection before with Josh Brolin as Thanos and Cable respectively, it turns out the time travel device used by Cable looks very akin to the very devices used by the trio. Time travel used in Avengers 4 to bring back the other characters, perhaps? Could be a stretch to think. But it’s definitely more interesting with the fact how both entry franchises seem to have a connection now…

You can check out the image below, courtesy of Den_of_geeks.

This isn’t the only time a theory has popped up due to Fox and Marvel. Just last year we made an interesting theory on Caliban and Cable being the reason the universes may merge, and with the mid-credits scene going on in Deadpool 2…let’s just say it’s got another Days of Future Past and might as well be right with proving the X-Men being gift-wrapped in a nice bow for MCU.

Time will tell, but as things get evident and talks getting bigger now, we’re holding our breaths for sure here.

What o you think of this theory? Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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