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Escape Plan 2: Hades Sylvester Stallone Dave Bautista

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Apparently Sylvester Stallone’s ‘Escape Plan 2’ Is Terrible

Escape Plan 2 was a bit of a surprise announcement, as Escape Plan wasn’t really a major hit. Regardless, people seemed pretty interested. Officially titled, Escape Plan 2: Hades, the film features Sylvester Stallone and Dave Bautista, though Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t return. It doesn’t look like he made the wrong choice – as according to early reviews, it’s not that good at all.

Though there are no critic reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, the audience score for the film is a 22% and the IMDb rating sits at 3.2 out of 10. I’ll admit that I didn’t even know the film was out yet until someone mentioned it to me.

Here are some of the reviews (word for word, grammar and all) from IMDb:

  • I very much enjoyed the original movie and so was looking forward to seeing this. I watch about 30 minutes before I just stopped. Plot jumps all over the place and there is zero flow to the movie. You have no interest in the characters and the whole feel is just hollow and pointless.
  • The acting is mediocre at best. The cinematography is just terrible. most of the movie is filmed with a handheld camera and the cameraman has parkinsons. Imdb has not listed any budget for this movie and that is because there is no budget. CGI is awful, explosions and gunfire is so fake that there are no words to describe how bad it is. There is one cool scene and that is the barfight. Other than that there is nothing good about this movie. One of the worst sequels in history.
  • Let’s be brief. All of the fighting / action scenes are shaky cam nonsense. 95% of the dialogue is expositional. The direction seems very basic. This feels and looks more like an episode of an American broadcast network crime drama television program, than film. I didn’t go in expecting anything and I was left with less.
  • This is how you butcher the original movie,the only reason i watched it i thought this one follows the first one.
  • What an awful movie this is, I cannot believe this movie hits the theaters. It is clearly a B-movie, very cheap CGI, the acting is poor and the story? Take a stack of cards, throw it in the air, there’s your story. I knew this movie would suck but I did not expect it would be that bad. It is full with plot holes, if you see this movie, question marks will be floating above your head during the whole movie. A lot of viewers will leave their seats and some might ask their money back.
  • What a shambles of a movie. No coherence whatsoever. Just jumped from one scene to the next without any links. If Stallone wasn’t in it I wouldn’t have bothered but the role he played and time he was in it just didn’t amount to anything. “Enjoy” at your peril.
  • Is on Stallone’s head…. For crying out loud, why would anyone create such garbage? Actually, why not? all you need is to borrow 50 thousand dollars and create a piece of s**t. The story was probably written by 8 years old relative, the director was his twin brother, the only expanse was for the 12 years old who made the CG on his pentium 3 computer, few bucks each for the homeless guys who played the prisoners, probably took 2-3 days to shoot the whole joke. One of the worst movies EVER. only send your enemies to watch it.
  • Stopped watching after 20 mins, you need subtitles as half the actors can’t speak English, this movie must have been made for the Chinese market. The plot makes no sense and the acting is awful. I think Stallone is in the movie for about 10 mins. Give this one a miss.
  • I’m disappointed at the incoherent and disjointed dialogue, disgusted at the CGI, and definitely unimpressed with the plot. It could have been better, but it would be making another completely different movie.
  • I like Stallone, a lot! He is one of my heroes. However, the first movie was bad and sadly this one is really worst. I wish IMDB allow us to rate with “0”.
  • First The movie has been made by HamdyCam. What follows makes you cry. I watched this movie for the sake of discovering how long can I survive before I loose my mind and conscience. Shame of Stallone. Embarrassment for Hollywood Movie. After watching this,I miss the days of Chuck Noriis. Pls save me Delta Force.
  • Lol never seen a garbage like this before for a descent sequel. This is my first review for any movie ever, I couldn’t stop myself from leaving this review because this movie is a crap. Worst dialogue ever, worst unnecessary fights. “Lets see what you got without your tech” …. bleh .. why is this dialogue even needed in the scene. He is a tech guy, and why did he need to be good at fight? lol movie ever …

And Twitter as well:

Uh, so there you have it. Even if you liked the first movie, you’re probably not going to like this one. It looks like there was a reason it didn’t get a theatrical release.

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