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Morbius Movie Jared Leto

Jared Leto Will Star In ‘Morbius’ Spider-Man Spinoff Movie From Sony

With Sony’s Venom still months away and fans still lukewarm about how their Spider-Man Universe will turn out, it’s surprising that another Spidey solo movie is now in production. This film will be about one of the lesser-known members of the webslinger’s rogue gallery, Morbius the Living Vampire. And that’s not all: Oscar-winner Jared Leto has the lead role!

For those among us who haven’t read many comics, THR offered a bit of background,

“Morbius is Dr. Michael Morbius, a scientist who suffered from a rare blood disease and attempted to cure himself to disastrous results. Instead of being cured, he became afflicted with a condition that was a form of vampirism — the thirst for blood, along with fangs and super strength — and fought Spider-Man. Over time, however, he became a slightly heroic figure in his own right and even headlined his own comic book titles.”

The actor took to Instagram to celebrate the role:


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It has further been confirmed that the director of the 2017 pseudo-prequel to Venom, Life, Daniel Espinosa, will be directing Leto in the film. Long-time Spider-Man producer Avi Arad will once again take the role as a producer, which does give fans further reason to be hopeful.

With the Morbius solo film being confirmed, it appears Sony is going to be going their all with their “Spider-verse”. At the moment, there is no timeline yet for filming, or even how this will impact other planned Spidey projects such as Silver and Black.  There were a few rumored plot details revealed last month, however.

Since there hasn’t been news about that one lately, it’s not outrageous to think Morbius might be the one hitting theaters after Venom.

Will Sony largely focus on Morbius’s villainous history, or does THR’s mention of Morbius’s redemption arc hint that he will be more of an anti-hero by the end? Is this a good move for Sony? Share all of your thoughts below!

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