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X-Men: Dark Phoenix Concept Trailer

‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Concept Trailer Released

There’s still a long way to go until the next film in the X-Men series in X-Men: Dark Phoenix gets released. So, in the meantime, how about you go and check out an unofficial concept trailer to pass the time? You may as well, because the chances are you won’t be seeing an official trailer for the movie anytime soon….

Even by the usual standards of the rest of the X-franchise, Dark Phoenix seems to have set itself a big old mountain to climb. The latest film has to try and: 

  • Pay an appropriate level of deference and reverence to arguably the most iconic X-Men storyline of all time…
  • Contend with Hugh Jackman’s long awaited retirement from the series…
  • Somehow make sense of the significant number of plot holes and time travel mix-ups that occurred when the two differing arms of the series were finally lashed together in Days of Future Past
  • Combat no small amount of fan apathy in the wake of the disappointingly tepid X-Men: Apocalypse

The movie actually finished filming way back in October 2017, and had originally been scheduled to be released in cinemas the following month. This has now been pushed all the way back to February 2019,  with producers needing more time for reshoots and a huge amount of essential CGI work to be completed.

What we know so far about the project is that it will be the first in the series to feature the mutant haven of Genosha (which is highly likely to be around for all of 5 minutes before it gets tragically destroyed). Jessica Chastain is on bad guy duties playing a mysterious mutant shape-shifter, and Olivia Mann’s conflicted Psylocke will also be returning to the franchise. 

Perhaps reflective of the ongoing real life debates about feminism and #MeToo, this movie will be different from its predecessors in that it will be focusing heavily on the franchise’s female characters, with the fight to save an out of control Jean Grey at the center of proceedings. It is also intended as the first installment of a new trilogy of X-Men movies, which may end with the characters making their way across to the neighboring Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The trailer, made by StryderHD, consists of a whistle-stop tour of the key events and big fight sequences of all the previous X-Men movies, as well as a healthy sprinkling of footage from the MCU movies as well. It naturally focuses heavily on Jean’s sudden increase in power at the end of X-Men Apocalypse, but there are also shots of Famke Janssen’s incarnation of the character undergoing the same development in the closing stages of X2.

And be sure to stay right till the end, because as well as teasing a potential crossover with the MCU, there’s also a cheeky cameo from a certain mouthy Canadian mercenary too…

X-Men: Dark Phoenix hits theaters everywhere on February 14th, 2019.

What did you think of this fan made concept trailer? Be sure to tell us all of your thoughts in the comments!

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