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Stan Lee Returns To Social Media With An Emotional Video For Fans

Over the past year, fans have had several reasons to fear that Stan Lee was beginning to not do so well. From losing his wife of 69 years, Joan, to his claims about suffering elder abuse, it looked like the legendary comic book icon wasn’t in a good place.

But now, things look like they’re going to be getting better for him. On Thursday, the Marvel legend took to Twitter and posted a minute-long video letting fans know that he believes things are looking up for him. Here, we see him cracking the kind of jokes that fans are used to, such as claiming to be 79.

“78, that was easy. 79 is getting a little tougher.”

He goes on to give a touching bit about how much his fans mean to him, and how grateful he feels that they’ve spent so much time together over the decades.

“We’ve been together for so many generations…I don’t want that to stop. I don’t consider you as fans, I consider you as close close friends.”

To leave off an a positive note, Lee says that this video is the first in a new series of Twitter videos that will be bringing a new energy.

This is really a good sign, considering all the other drama he’s had to deal with as well, such as having to get a restraining order against his longtime business partner, Keya Morgan, a several allegations about sexual misconduct. He denied the allegations, but that didn’t leave without leaving a little dent in his reputation in many fans’ minds.

Regardless, there is reason for fans to be happy for the comic book pioneer, and to make sure to look out for all the videos Lee posts!

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