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Rogue Trooper Movie

Duncan Jones ‘Rogue Trooper’ Movie Officially Confirmed

If you think it’s hard being a fan of the DCEU, then spare a thought for the long-suffering fans of British comic 2000 AD. So far they’ve had one Judge Dredd movie that was a high-camp laughing stock, and then had to wait 17 more years for a follow-up that was perfect, but failed to make any money. Thankfully, Dredd has now been picked up by Netflix for an exciting new TV incarnation, and this week it’s been revealed that fellow 2000AD character Rogue Trooper may now be being lined up or a potential big screen release. 

With Moon, Source Code, Warcraft and Mute under his belt, Brit movie-maker Duncan Jones is no stranger to the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre. On Sunday his posted a short video on his Twitter account where he teased fans about what his next project was going to be. The video consisted of Jones looking into the camera, and reciting the following rhyme:

It’s now been confirmed:

Jones then removes a hat he is wearing to reveal a blue Mohawk. Being as the Rogue Trooper character is blue skinned, and most commonly depicted sporting a close-shaved Mohawk, and the fact that 2000AD’s most famed settings are the Mega-cities, commentators and fans are on little doubt that it’s Rogue who the film-maker is referencing.

From 2000 AD’s website:

Jason Kingsley, CEO and Creative Director of Rebellion, said: “Rogue Trooper has always been one of my favourite old school thrills from 2000 AD. I’m very happy to be working closely with Duncan and Stuart on this project and look forward to seeing the results on the silver screen.”

Chris Kingsley, Co-founder and CTO of Rebellion, said: “The first time I met Duncan he had a Mohawk – I’m tickled pink to see he’s now brought it back with a full-on Nu blue. It shows his unique level of commitment and passion for Rogue Trooper, and that’s why we’re so excited to be working with him and his legions.”

The deal was negotiated by producer Stuart Fenegan and Rebellion’s Jason Kingsley. Fenegan will produce the film under his and Jones’ Liberty Films banner, Jason Kingsley and Chris Kingsley will Executive Produce.

Alongside Joe Dredd and the likes of Slaine and Strontium Dog, Rogue Trooper is one of the most beloved and prolific characters to have graced the pages of the cult British comic. He lives in a nightmarish future where humanity is waging a bloody civil war throughout the galaxy between Nort (Northern) and Souther forces. The majority of his storylines saw him trying to traverse and survive the war’s bleak and desolate conflict zones, encountering war criminals, madmen and a whole host of killer robots along the way.

Rogue was created as part of a Souther eugenics project, tasked with conceiving the perfect soldier. Resistant to the toxic chemical fumes that smothered the future battlefields, the entire GI (Generic Infantryman) regiment was massacred in its first action, when a Souther traitor leaked plans of the assault to the Nort forces. Going rogue (hence the name) to uncover that traitor, the only survivor became a target for both sides.

Rogue Trooper 2000 AD

Whilst Rogue was the only physical survivor, he was able to retrieve the consciousnesses of three of his slain brothers via their biochips, and integrate them into his equipment. This meant that his rifle (Gunnar), headgear (Helm) and combat pack (Bagman) were all capable of acting independently, and assisting him in his quest for revenge.

Believing himself to be the only living GI, Rogue would occasionally encounter other surviving troopers, as well as other genetically modified soldiers who had been cruelly enhanced or adapted by their masters. The stories are both bloody and brutal in their exploration of the hopelessness of war, and the depths to which humanity can sink in times of conflict.

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