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Halloween Movie 2018

Brutal New ‘Halloween’ Movie Footage Shown At San Diego Comic Con

The upcoming Halloween movie took over Hall H at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, as part of the Universal panel which also featured the first trailer for Glass. While attending the panel, we learned quite a bit of interesting stuff about the film – as well as a clip from the film, in which we have a detailed description of. We can also safely say that fans of the original are definitely not going to be disappointed.

The footage description:

Kids are trick or treating. They bump into Michael Myers.

This is all a tracking shot.

Myers walks into a backyard shed and finds a hammer.

He makes his way into the house and hammers a woman to death – off camera.

He picks up the knife and walks his way through the house and into the street.

Myers walks down the sidewalk. Stops. Looks to his right and goes to the front door of another house. A woman is seen on the phone, but she’s not paying attention to Myers.

Myers walks to the front window that shows inside her house. We see the reflection of the mask but not Myers. He disappears. The camera stays with the view of the living room and woman on the phone.

Myers shadow can be seen at the corner of the screen walking into the back yard. The woman hangs up the phone. She goes to the same front window to look outside.

Myers appears.

He walks behind the woman and grabs her by the hair. He bangs her head on the rim of the window. He then pulls her back and stabs her through the throat.

Brutal, indeed.

Director David Gordon Green said it was very important that John Carpenter was satisfied with the script and that they write a good story for Jamie Lee Curtis. When speaking on the film, Curtis spoke about Laurie Strode, saying:

“She wants to be the person to take back the legacy of her life.  Her narrative. She’s taking back her narrative.”

She added:

“Laurie had no real support and had no real help. She’s done the thing that most people do with PTSD. She drinks too much [and] she smokes too much.”

She also said that this could be the final confrontation between Strode and Michael Myers, something fans of the franchise will be interested (and somewhat sad) to hear. Curtis did say however that this is the greatest role that she’s ever played and that it’s mind-blowing for Halloween to be back at Comic Con after all of these years. Here’s hoping the movie will match the hype.

The film hits theaters everywhere on October 19th, 2018.

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