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Halloween Movie John Carpenter

Why John Carpenter Decided To Return For The New Halloween Movie

John Carpenter helped create Halloween and the character of Michael Myers way back in 1978, resulting in the first major slasher movie as we know them today. Unfortunately, his lack of desire to produce a sequel left us with half-inspired attempts as Carpenter stepped further away from the franchise.

Finally, by the time Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers was released, Carpenter was completely absent from the franchise. At that point the ideas with what to do with Michael were up to outside sources, and Carpenter did nothing more than comment on how awful each new Halloween sequel appeared.

Now it seems he’s ready to help make a positive move with the franchise. As opposed to sitting back and insulting whatever the studio comes up with, he’s returning to the series he helped create where he’ll produce and possibly compose the score for the latest sequel. While Carpenter was recently being interviewed by Rotten Tomatoes, he explained why he decided to help this time around with the latest sequel.

“You know, you know I talked about the Halloweens for a long time, the sequels — I haven’t even seen all of them. I don’t even know what really was there — but finally it occurred to me: Well if I’m just flapping my gums here, talking about it, why don’t I try to make it as good as I can? I could offer advice. I could talk to the director. I like the director very much. I like the script. So, you know, stop throwing rocks from the sidelines and get in there and try to do something positive.”

And while he is doing something positive in producing, he does explain he still isn’t contractually obligated to do the score.

“I think so,” said Carpenter when asked if he’s scoring the film. “You know, I haven’t signed a contract yet, but I believe I am. I believe I am. I will let you guys know if I don’t do it, if they f— me over.”

He also explained how the scoring process will work and that we may have to wait awhile to see if he gets the gig.

“Well, you see, as a composer, you have to wait until the director has his cut done, and sit down with him and do a spotting session. I gotta find out what kind of music he wants. Does he want all new? Does he want to refurbish some of the older stuff? Does he want a combination? You know, what does he want? It’s his movie now. I’m just the little worker bee helping.”

Hopefully he does get to do the score, his musical work on the original Halloween film as well as Halloween III: Season of the Witch is simply amazing. Aside from John Carpenter’s involvement, if they had that type of music, with the right visuals and direction, it could really be a modern classic.

In the film…

Laurie Strode comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

Halloween hits theaters October 19, 2018.

Are you excited for John Carpenter’s involvement in the latest Halloween film? Do youthink he should compose the score? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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