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‘Avengers 4’ Rumored Plot Leak Points To An Epic MCU Finale

When it comes to the MCU, fake plot leaks aren’t exactly an uncommon thing. So when it comes to Avengers 4, that type of thinking should also be used. There’s already been one giant plot leak that sounded cool – but was debunked. When we deal with Reddit and 4Chan, things should always be taken with a grain of salt. That’s not to say that the two can’t be accurate on occasion, but most of the time – it’s not.

The latest plot leak from 4Chan, courtesy of Reddit, if true, reveals a ton of spoilers. Read at your own risk!

First Act

  • The movie starts off with Ant-Man traveling back in time to events before Iron Man 1, through a time vortex in the Quantum Realm. He finds Hank Pym and they start working on a “sling ring”.

  • Eternity ends up helping them (for his own selfish reasons), by giving them special Gauntlets that allow them to control their movement in time.

  • Cue title sequence.

  • We see Iron Man and Nebula on Titan making their way back to earth and grouping up with the remaining Avengers.

  • Thor goes to Hel to build an army of fallen Vikings. He finds some old friends. Hela is also there.

  • Ant-Man comes out of another time vortex and tells the Avengers what is going on and he gives them the “sling ring”.

  • Within the first hour, Thanos finds out about the “sling ring” so he sends his army and Thor sends his.

  • In this battle, both future Thor and future Cap end up dying. Thor dies in the first battle and Cap dies while fighting Thanos army after time traveling. Thanos also sends his army after the Avengers in the “sling ring”.

Second Act

  • The Avengers travel across time to collect the stones and stop Thanos.

  • Cap from the past is recruited as a replacement. They grab him right after the Red Skull is transported by the Tesseract.

  • The Avengers travel to the Battle Of New York (which gets worse), the events of Age Of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy, and before Thor and The Dark World.

  • Captain Marvel tags along on their time traveling adventures but she doesn’t do much until the last hour of the movie.

  • In the events before Thor, Hawkeye grabs Odin’s Gauntlet.

  • Dr. Strange eventually makes his way out of the Soul Stone and goes back in time in the “sling ring”.

  • When Thanos finds out about their plot to put together another Gauntlet, he sends some more minions after them.

  • In the battle half of the Avengers from the past and half of the Avengers from the future die.

  • Hulk eventually wields the Gauntlet but loses his arm. He later gets a mechanical one.

  • Eventually Thanos is killed and the Gauntlet, along with the Infinity Stones, are destroyed.

Final Act

  • Tony absorbs the power of the Infinity Stones that where destroyed.

  • Eternity reveals himself to be a future version of Tony who has ascended his mortal body.

  • He has been manipulating events throughout time and it turns out the only people who truly had “free will”, are Dr. Strange, Hulk, Red Skull, And Thanos.

  • It turns out Eternity needed Strange to get rid of Dormammu.

  • It is revealed to present Tony that he will become a “conquerer” and rule over the universe. The people remembered him as “Kang The Conquerer”.

  • There is a 20 minute battle of everyone vs Kang. Eventually Dr.Strange goes back in time and kills Tony before he becomes Kang/Eternity.

  • In the end the Avengers are happy now that the war is over.

  • In the post credits scene, Ultron “wakes up”.

If anything, it could be taken as one very interesting fan theory. The Reddit user also offers their thoughts, saying:

It’s probably fake but it does line up with a few different things. The set photos hinting at time travel, the other leak that mentioned hulk wielding the gauntlet (and becoming professor hulk) before the leaked pics show a more “intelligent” looking Hulk. Also the whole “I hope they remember you” line Thanos gave to Tony in Infinity War, takes on a whole new perspective in this plot.

And about the Kang thing… Although they technically can’t use Kang, there have been deals before that where “under the table”. Ego the living planet for example was owned by Fox, but they managed to do a trade with Fox. It could be a similar deal with Kang but all in all, it’s probably fake.

So there you have it. If you read all of it and it all turns out to be true, don’t say we didn’t warn you. If none of it turns out to be true and you end up disappointed – don’t say we didn’t warn you. We’ll know everything for sure once Avengers 4 hits theaters sometime next year. As it currently stands, it’ll be released on May 3rd – but a recent leak suggests we could get it earlier.

What do you make of this plot leak? Do you think it could be legit? Be sure to tell us all of your thoughts in the comments down below!

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