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Dave Bautista Trolls Disney With Disturbing Video Of The Guy Who Got James Gunn Fired

The social media witch hunts and trolling has truly gotten out of hand over the last year or so. People are having their livelihoods destroyed because some hack on Twitter disagrees with their political position. This is exactly what happened to James Gunn. Gunn, the writer/director of the first two Guardians of the Galaxy films, which were surprise box office smashes, has been fired by Disney from directing the third film in the trilogy. And it’s all based on some Alt-Right troll digging up some decade old inappropriate joke tweets that Gunn has already apologized for before even beginning his tenure at Disney.

His firing has negatively affected all the stars of the film, but none more that Drax himself, former pro wrestler turned actor, Dave Bautista. In turn, Bautista has turned the trolling against both Disney and the perpetrator with a new video he has tweeted, originally posted by Twitter user, Officer Vic Berger IV.

The person who “outed” Gunn is Mike Cernovich, a noted conservative conspiracy theorist and antifeminist, most famous for serving as a guest host on the now lambasted The Alex Jones Show. He’s also noted for his authorship of Gorilla Mindset; a self-help book for men based around the idea that all women really want to be controlled by a man.

Many of Cernovich’s past tweets are coming back to haunt him, however, as several people have dug up his tweets, many of which contain homophobic, racist and sexist slurs far worse than anything Gunn ever said as a joke.

While Bautista has stuck by his support of Gunn through all of this, and this video is intended to show the absolute horrid intentions of this terrible person, it most likely won’t affect Disney’s current position of not bringing Gunn back for the third film. We can all hope, however, that it will bring light to the heinous problems with today’s society and that we can’t let someone with malicious intentions shape public opinion.

After watching this video, what are your views on what all has transpired? Let us know in the comments below!

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