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Netflix Confirms Bullseye For ‘Daredevil’ Season 3

There are some pairings in life that just can’t survive without one another. Batman and The Joker. Tom and Jerry. Trump and Twitter. The list is endless. The Marvel Universe is no exception, with pretty much every hero having at least one arch-nemesis who they can’t help but love to hate. Now, after two long seasons of his Netflix show, the MCU version of Daredevil is finally getting to face off against his own personal demon, Bullseye.

Speculation has been rife amongst dedicated fans of the show for the last six months, when the initial promotional material for the show’s upcoming third series refused to name Wilson Bethel’s incoming villain. Now, with the show’s final teaser having landed before it airs next month, the show-runners have finally given in, and confirmed that the Hart Of Dixie actor is indeed playing Marvel’s most deadly hitman.

The trailer has revealed that the main story arc for season three will see Wilson Fisk scheming his way out of prison, and then hiring Bethel’s hitman to impersonate and discredit Daredevil, in an attempt to turn public option against the masked vigilante. This inevitably leads to Murdock and his copycat facing off against each other, in a throw-down that promises to eclipse any fight scene the Netflix shows have offered up to date. 

Daredevil Season 3

In addition to the fact that this narrative will see the super-accurate assassin masquerading in the iconic red Daredevil armor, something that happened on a number of occasions in the comics, there is also another piece of new promotional material that confirms who Bethel is playing.

In the official synopsis that Netflix have put out for Season 3, Wilson’s character is named as Benjamin Poindexter. This slightly comedic combination is one that the 616 Universe version of Bullseye routinely uses, and is also the birth name of the Ultimate Universe incarnation of the character. 

Whether the upcoming 13 episode run will see Bethel fully assuming the Bullseye persona, potentially having persuaded the less-than mentally stable Melvin Potter to betray Murdock and make him some equivalent body armor, remains to be seen. Either way, things are shaping up for this season to be the most spectacular of any of the Defenders shows. Which is no tall order….

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