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Another Marvel Actor Nearly Played The MCU’s Captain America

It’s hard to imagine Captain America being played by anyone other than Chris Evans. He’s made the MCU character loved by virtually all Marvel fans (and film fans alike), and when his time as the character is done, there will definitely be a big void in his absence. However, it wasn’t always Evans, as Wilson Bethel, aka Bullseye on Season 3 of Daredevil, revealed in a recent interview.

Bethel spoke about the experience, saying:

“I mean, that was both probably the single most exciting time of my life and also the single most devastating when it didn’t happen. But, yeah, that was eight years ago now. They put me in the Cap suit and did everything. So I screen-tested it at Marvel with a number of other guys. They ended up releasing all the other guys… I was meeting with [director] Joe Johnston to discuss the role and see storyboards. So it was this insane period where during that time I kind of thought that maybe I was going to actually get the role. I actually screen-tested again a second time a month later, on my birthday.”

He added:

“I think it was like one or two days later that they made the announcement that Chris Evans got the part. So, to be perfectly honest, that was one of the hardest moments in my professional career. And it spun me out for a while, to be honest with you. But I’m also a firm believer that things happen as they’re supposed to, and obviously Chris did an incredible job in that role. And my life, while it hasn’t brought me to lead the Avengers, has been really rich and rewarding in other ways. So I can’t spend too much time lamenting it. And honestly, just the fact that things have kind of come full circle in a way, and I still get to be a dude in a suit, is pretty exciting.”

Bullseye Daredevil 3 Wilson Bethel

Marvel’s Daredevil

While it’s a bummer for him that he didn’t get the part, I think it’s safe to say his performance as Bullseye has been pretty great, and here’s hoping we get more Daredevil in the future – and it doesn’t get cancelled like Luke Cage and Iron Fist. And here’s also hoping Cap isn’t killed off in Avengers 4 – or at least gets an honorable send-off.

What do you think of this possible casting? Could you even imagine? Tell us your thoughts in the comments down below!

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