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Halloween Movie 2018

Halloween Movie Alternate Ending Reveals Different Final Showdown

After many failed sequels and reboots, it was a welcome return this weekend to see Michael Myers return to the big screen with a film worthy of the iconic killer’s stature. While this year’s Halloween movie was not perfect, it was an admirable throwback that brought the series back to its gory slasher roots. Solid critic and audience reactions mixed with a groundbreaking opening weekend have reset the franchise in a big way.

It appears that the film’s satisfying conclusion could have been much different however. Confirmed by a tweet sent out by PDF Screenplays, the tweet released the original draft of the ending which shows Michael Myers and series-favorite Laurie Strode face-off in a knife fight.

Spoiler warning ahead, but personally I preferred the film’s original showdown more. Not only was the final note of it more emotionally satisfying, but the ending does leave aspects open-ended whether Michael was able to survive or not from the burning house. I do see why this alternate ending was considered, because having Michael and Laurie kill each other does have a certain dramatic potency to it.

As far as a Halloween sequel goes, I am very intrigued to see where a future film would go. Jason Blum has already hinted about a potential sequel, as both David Gordon Green and Danny McBride are interested in returning as writers. I hope they do return, because their balance between paying homage to the original while inserting their self-aware comedic sensibilities was certainly entertaining. Whether Michael returns or not though has yet to be seen.

How do you feel about this alternate ending to Halloween? Would you have preferred it or did you like how it was? Tell us all of your thoughts in the comments!

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