Halloween Pornhub Searches

The Most Popular Pornhub Searches For Halloween

Have you ever wondered what people are searching for on Pornhub during this, the spookiest of seasons? Yeah? Well, we have got you covered. Lucky for all of us, the team over at the internet porn giant keep tabs on all of the crazy stuff that gets your pulse racing. Now, they have shared a list of the most popular searches for Halloween.

I can hear some of you commenting already that it is not yet the 31st of October and so the list is inaccurate, this is not the case. All of the search items have been pulled from Halloween last year, and the percentage increase displayed is based on the daily average for those searches.

We’ll start with film/superhero related searches first:

It’s interesting to point out that Venom is the most popular Marvel character searched by women during this period of time, and Black Panther’s Shuri is number one searched by men. Rick & Morty is a little surprising to see on a list like this, while Harley Quinn isn’t all that surprising, given previous lists of this nature. The Nun also made the list. The one that’s below is where the fun begins:

Interestingly, I feel like a lot of the terms displayed on this list could also be swapped for ‘most popular search terms when looking for a Halloween costume.’ Given the lack of actual clothing on 90% of female costumes its perfectly acceptable that one might search ‘Halloween hottie,’ ‘slutty Halloween,’ ‘sexy costume,’ and ‘cat costume’ amongst other items on the list, in their pursuit of a spooky outfit.

It’s also worth noting the lack of creativity those of us that are searching for Halloween flavored porn are showcasing. Just slap the word Halloween on the beginning or end of what you would normally search and that’ll do the job. ‘Halloween anal,’ ‘Halloween orgy,’ and ‘Halloween hottie’ are prime examples. I would be interesting to see if this trend works for all of the other major holidays. ‘Christmas anal,’ Easter orgy,’ Pornhub, please confirm.

Of course, there are an array of costume centered searches on the list. Many of which you would expect, aside from one. ‘Milf uniform’ intrigues me more because of the wording than anything else. Uniform and not costume? Am I missing something? Probably.

On this list, there are two that really stand out for me. The first being ‘f-ck for candy’ because who doesn’t want to take the wholesome act of children’s trick-or-treating and make it x-rated and sordid. The second is ‘f-cking a pumpkin’ because Halloween makes it acceptable to have sex with a vegetable. Or at least 842% more acceptable than it would normally be.

So, if you wanted to indulge in some spooky ass festive porn, now you have plenty of ideas courtesy of Pornhub. You can thank us later.

Anything on this list shock you that much? Let us know in the comments!

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