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Did Sebastian Stan Already Spoil ‘Avengers 4’ Earlier This Year?

Fans have been combing through the decade worth of 20 plus film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for every Easter egg and every thread that leads to some sort of possible connection/plot point for the as yet to be titled Avengers 4. The other place they are looking into is interviews with the stars of the film. While actors like Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo are notorious for their spoilerific answers, there is the occasional slip that is entirely unintentional and, many times, an unbeknownst spoiler until later.

Take a moment from the ACE Comic Con from April, where Sebastian Stan talked about a particular scene he filmed, stating “everyone was there”, including Nick Fury, Janet Van Dyne, and Hank Pym, played by Samuel L. Jackson, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Michael Douglas, respectively.

Later, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight alongside Anthony Mackie and Winston Duke just before the release of Infinity War, Stan tried to downplay his comments, stating that he didn’t spoil anything.

“I don’t think I revealed anything crazy. Like, everyone’s gonna be in this movie. Nobody crazy, that I mentioned, would not be in this film. Michael Douglas could come in and pour a tea for one scene, for all you know.”

Mackie then asked if Douglas was in the movie, which Stan confirmed.

“He is in the movie. At least the movie I was in. It might not be in this movie, but it might be in the other one.”

Considering that Douglas, Pfeiffer, and Jackson all met their end after the snap, as did Stan, could this mean that the scene Stan is talking about is one where the souls of the dusted are together in one place? Could this be something similar to when Thanos saw a young Gamora in the Soul Stone right after the snap?

This has huge implications for what’s to come in upcoming Phase 3 finale. With the theories that the Quantum Realm, already confirmed to be highly important in the film, as the true realm of the Soul Stone, and where the souls ended up after Thanos’ actions, this statement could actually be a huge spoiler in that the souls are not only conscience, but also able to communicate with each other.

If that is the case, this could be how they get out of the Quantum Realm. The souls of Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne could help guide the stranded Scott Lang out of the Realm, and thus begin his journey to team up with Tony Stark and find how to get the souls out of the Realm and back to the world of the living.

Avengers 4 Quantum Realm Ant-Man

This ties in with so many of the prevailing theories as well as the BTS photos that have leaked. Lang, being in the Quantum Realm, survived the snap, which is why he can leave the Realm to get help. Then, using the Quantum Realm, the time travel aspect comes into play, and they could stop Thanos before the snap happens, saving all of the souls stranded in the Quantum Realm.

While this is all just a theory, it seems to be the closest we have gotten to some sort of plot details for the upcoming MCU blockbuster. By putting all the pieces together, we have a slightly clearer picture of what to expect. This allows the deaths to be “real”, it allows for a more complex time travel story without the typical contrived “go back and fix it” detail, and it brings a whole new dynamic to the importance of the Quantum Realm.

Hopefully, we’ll get a trailer of some kind here soon, and it will shed some light on whether this theory holds as much water as I believe it does. Until then, we will continue to speculate over how lost heroes will make their return.

What do you think of this theory? Do you think Stan’s innocent slip leads to a huge spoiler? Let us know in the comments below!

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