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Avengers 4 Thanos

‘Avengers 4’ Could See A Threat Bigger Than Just Thanos

The synergy has between the Marvel comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe has become more and more apparent as of late, with elements of the Movies slowly bleeding onto the page like blood into a …sponge. Sorry, long day. The comics have recently gone so far as to redesign the Guardians of the Galaxy to their big screen appearance, the introduction of Phil Coulson and even changing Tony Stark’s personality to become more like Robert Downey Jr’s. But can they be used to work the other way and predict future plot points for the film’s based on changes made to canon? If so, we may just know what is in store for our heroes in Avengers 4 thanks to a new story featuring everybody’s favorite Mad Titan, Thanos.

This recent revelation comes courtesy of the new book, Thanos: Titan Consumed from author Barry Lyga, which details the origins of Thanos and what led him onto the path of destruction which eventually saw half the universe snapped out of existence. Whilst Thanos’ origins have been told many times over the years in the comics, what makes this time different is that Lyga produced the book in conjunction with Marvel Studios themselves, and despite being deemed Non-Canon by the studio it certainly seems as though it may hint towards what may come next.

Near the end of the book, Thanos meets a character known as the Lorespeaker, who relates the tale of the Infinity Stones to the former. During the course of this conversation, the Lorespeaker brings up not only the Celestials – but also those that the Celestials fear. It reads:

“They are hidden, Thanos,” the Lorespeaker said, as though badgering a child, “because they are too powerful. And because the Celestials and the others, the ones whom the Celestials fear, keep close watch on the Stones from afar.”

Whilst it doesn’t explain who these beings are, it does fit in with what we have learnt from the merchandise packaging leak for Avengers 4, notably that they are due to face ‘an even greater threat’ than anything they have faced before.


Given how Marvel likes to play things close to the chest, it’s likely we won’t know if these rumors are accurate until the film actually hits theaters next year, but it would certainly be interesting to see a threat more dangerous than Thanos. In the meantime, Thanos: Titan Consumed is in bookstores now.

What do you think? What do you think this threat is? Will you be picking up a copy of this book? Let us know below!

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