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‘Venom 2’ Given Probable 2020 Release Date On Sony’s Schedule

This year’s Venom movie was a massive success at the box office, despite getting a mixed reaction from fans and critics. I personally enjoyed it, as it was one of those “dumb fun” type movies. Given the success money wise, though, it was pretty obvious that Venom 2 was a no-brainer, and it appears that we now have a (probable) release date for the sequel.

The report comes from Variety, who revealed:

While Venom 2 hasn’t been confirmed, it’s pretty obvious that’s the movie, as if Morbius is released in 2020, it wouldn’t have a sequel yet. Given that Morbius is still a risky movie, we doubt Sony would go as far as giving it a sequel already. It’s already been revealed that Tom Hardy is signed on for a Venom trilogy, so this makes the most sense.

Venom Tom Hardy

If we do get Venom 2, Hardy has said he’d like it to be R-Rated, saying:

“To be fair the thing could fulcrum into R-rated. It can fulcrum into for youth or children. My littlest ones they watch Spider-Man and Venom quite comfortably, and Venom toys appear and LEGO appear in my nostrils in the morning. So it’s not like they’re scared by him, but at the same time, there’s a lot with the real estate that you can actually imbue with a complete sense of gratuitous ultraviolence if you really wanted to. And I think you’ve got the right people for that job if you want to push it because that’s where I’d love to go with it. And I’d love to go through all the Avengers as well with him. But that’s above my pay grade.”

We’d like to see that too, Tom. Either way, here’s hoping Venom 2 will deliver.

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