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Aquaman Movie 2018

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First Reactions To ‘Aquaman’ Movie Have Been Revealed

Warner Bros’ first attempt at a DC Comics connected film universe, akin to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, did not go as well as they had hoped. With Zack Snyder in charge, the films took a grittier, darker, and much more serious tone, try to distance themselves from their Marvel counterparts. However, this technique failed, so WB has taken a few steps back, reworked their plans, and are now moving forward with a lighter and more balanced charisma that will hopefully reinvigorate their movies. The first of these movies, Aquaman, had its premiere, and the critic’s thoughts are finally in. And, from the looks of it, WB may just have a huge hit on their hands.

The critics’ embargo has been lifted and the internet is being flooded with reviews of the upcoming aquatic superhero flick. This film has a huge uphill battle to fight, considering the deep pit the past DC films have put it in, a star who hasn’t had the best of runs at the box office, and a character that, to many, is nothing more than a joke or a meme. But, from what the critics are telling us, Aquaman looks to get WB’s DC films back on track, and in a really good way.

While there are a few minor negative points, it seems like this film will be an enjoyable launching point for a new series of DC films, whether they’re connected or stand alone. So, make sure you go see Aquaman this December!

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