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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Directors Confirm Loki’s Fate – Once And For All

Marvel Studios has been incredibly tight lipped over details to the upcoming, still untitled, Avengers 4. This has led to countless fan theories. While some of them are well thought out and extensive, most are just aimless wishful thinking from people who just can’t accept the loss of one of their favorite characters, Loki, after Avengers: Infinity War. Case in point: the ridiculous “Loki is impersonating Banner in Infinity War” theory.

While this theory was easy to debunk, the Russo Brothers, and officially, confirmed it to be false.

During a Q&A session after a special screening of Infinity War, Peter Sciretta of SlashFilm tweeted out many of the questions asked by fans and the answers given by the Russo Brothers. One of the questions was about the Loki/Banner theory, which they answered simply, “Loki is dead”.

This quick, but stinging statement may have put the final nail in the coffin for this theory (pun fully intended). Some people tried to defend the baseless theory, purely out of denial over the loss of the fan favorite character, but now we know the truth. And, we here at ScreenGeek knew this truth all along. Even some of the biggest “nerd” sites on the internet used quotes from our debunking article to correlate with the Russos’ final word on the subject (albeit without crediting us, but I digress…).

It’s kind of satisfying and rewarding to have the film’s directors validate what we have been saying all along. While it’s fun to fantasize, and making some of these fan theories actually make a lot of sense, most of these theories do nothing but spread falsehoods across the web, gaining undeserved traction and getting fans’ hopes up, only to have set them up for a major disappointment later.

Hopefully, fans of the God of Mischief can begin their mourning process and prepare for Avengers 4, due out in theaters in May of 2019. Until then, we can just keep re-watching Avengers: Infinity War.

What do you think of the Russo’s confirmation? Can you now accept that Loki is dead? Let us know in the comments below!

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