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‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer Answers Glaring Question About ‘Avengers 4’

It seems weird that there would already be a plot hole in a film that hasn’t even come out yet. But, in regards to the still untitled Avengers 4, there actually is one. Looking at the upcoming Captain Marvel film, set in the 1995, we see a de-aged Nick Fury and Agent Coulson, but 29 year old actress Brie Larson is portraying Carol Danvers without de-aging. However, you would be hard pressed to think that that Marvel Studios would put her in heavy makeup for the rest of all her films, aging her up 20 + years.

So, how does the Marvel Cinematic Universe explain one of their future key characters not aging for over two decades?! Well, thanks to the latest trailer, we may now know.

There was a lot to come out of this new trailer, including the introduction of Annette Bening’s character. In a seemingly similar role to Glenn Close’s Nova Commander in Guardians of the Galaxy, she is a person of power in the Kree world. And, with one key line, gives us an answer to Captain Marvel’s lack of aging.

“We made you one of us. So you could live longer, stronger, superior.”

And there you have it. By infusing Danvers with Kree DNA (also evident by the scenes showing her bleeding green blood), she no longer ages like a human. She could age like an Asgardian, in the sense that Thor, who looks to be in his early 30’s, is 1500 years old. While Kree may not live that long, there is an obvious bonus to their geneology, which has now been passed on to Danvers.

There is also another possibility. One that was explored in Thor: Ragnarok as well as films outside the MCU, like Interstellar. There is actually a scientific precedent when it comes to how time/space is warped and distorted when near black holes. Like, in Christopher Nolan’s sci fi epic, we learned that planets closer to black holes have vastly different concepts of “time”. An hour on the black hole planet is the equivalent of a decade on Earth.

Captain Marvel Movie


So, if Captain Marvel is out fighting evil in space, on a planet near a black hole, or a place like Sakaar where hundreds of wormholes (which many believe are formed by black holes) affect time as well, her time away from Earth could seem like just a year or so, but ends up being over two decades to us.

If this is the only “plot hole” that pops up in Avengers 4, and we’ve already solved this one, then we should definitely count ourselves lucky. As careful as Marvel is, connecting a universe through over 20 films, with multiple writers and directors, both of which are given artistic freedom to tell their own story with the characters, does tend to leave to some issues.

We’ll just have to wait til May of 2019 to see if Marvel is able to wrap up their first decade of films neatly.

Does this help alleviate the Captain Marvel “age” issue for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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