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New ‘Captain Marvel’ Toy May Reveal A Huge Spoiler

We’re getting really close to the release of the two last films in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 3, and they are arguably the two most anticipated films of all time. First up, just two months away, is the 90’s set origin movie, Captain Marvel. Starring Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, a former Air Force pilot turned heroic Kree Warrior with no memory of her time on Earth, this movie introduces the MCU’s most powerful hero, and the first female led film from Marvel Studios.

But, in typical MCU fashion, the studio has been extremely tight lipped when it comes to any major plot details or secrets. However, outside tie-in marketing has always been a little hit or miss in the “keeping secrets” department, and the newest toy leak may very well hold a new spoiler.

The Marvel Legends Toy Line seems to be a ripe with spoilers. First, it flat out spoiled Jude Law’s character by naming him as Yonn-Rogg (although there’s still some conflicting reports that say he is Mar-Vell). Now, the toy line may have spoiled a major plot point the movie that not only changes the film, but could change the very fabric of the entire MCU itself. Reddit has pointed out a particular detail on the Nick Fury, specifically, his eyes. Strangely, Fury’s eyes are a shade of green, rather than white like all the other figures in the line.

This has people thinking that Fury is actually a Skrull in disguise! And, if that is the case, could this mean that the present Nick Fury, former director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the man behind the formation of the Avengers, is actually a Skrull sleeper agent?! This would rock the entire foundation of the MCU to its core. Could the founding of the Avengers all been part of a plan by the Skrulls to have Earth’s Mightiest Heroes under one roof, and to know all of their weaknesses, so when the invasion finally comes, they wouldn’t stand a chance? Well, before we all freak out, we need to assess the possible spoiler for its validity.

Let’s think about this logically. While making Fury a Skrull in disguise would be a huge moment in the MCU, having a toy of said plot point just doesn’t make sense. Especially if the only clue given is his eyes being green. The back of the box isn’t shown, but we have to assume that it doesn’t describe him as a sleeper agent, or else the user wouldn’t be asking if this was the case.

And, if you’re making a toy of a Skrull Fury, why would that be the only thing you do to signify that? Wouldn’t you include a separate Skrull head for the figure? Or, at the very least, some description on the back to explain the eyes?

MCU Skrulls

This feels more like a miscolorization of the figures. Also, all the pictures of the Skrulls released from the film don’t show the alien species as having green eyes (but, they could glow green when in another form, as a way to let others know who they are…) But, maybe Fury isn’t a Skrull the whole time, but instead a Skrull tries to impersonate Fury for a scene in the film, trying to get close to Danvers…

Regardless of what the truth behind the eyes is, we really won’t have any concrete answers until March 8th, when Captain Marvel hits theaters.

Do you think Fury is a Skrull? Or is it just a misstep from the manufacturer? Let us know in the comments below!

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