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Michael Myers Kills A Dog In ‘Halloween’ Deleted Scene

With the upcoming release of the David Gordon Green’s recent Halloween movie, to 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD on January 15th, Michael Myers proves to be a nightmare not only to humans but to animals as well. No living being is safe from Michael Myers’ terror.

There is one particular deleted scene that begins when Allyson is stopped by the horrific site of a dog hanging from a tree in the neighborhood. Even though Michael Myers’ known weapon of choice is a knife, this is definitely a scary scene to see in a seemingly quiet neighborhood.

When Allyson turns away, you can see that she is clearly frightened and disturbed by this site. She begins to jog away, and you can see Michael Myers’ standing in the distance, watching everyone’s reaction to this terrible site, while the famous ominous music plays in the background.

Although this scene clearly shows that Michael Myers’ is capable of more terror than we can imagine, the scene just did not seem to fit into the movie as a whole. It did not flow with the sequence of the movie and the other scenes.

This is also not the first time Michael Myers’ has killed man’s best friend either. In the 1978 Halloween movie you can see Michael Myers choking Lester, a dog, to death.

Among this deleted scene, there are a few others that you will find. One being a scene which shows why Cameron (Allyson’s boyfriend) was not around when Allyson (the jogger) and her family are facing Michael Myers. There is also a deleted scene which pays homage to Psycho’s famous shower scene, although the masked face ends up not being Michael Myers’ himself.

So, whether you find yourself a Michael Myers’ fan or not, he will continue to bring terror to all living human beings and canines.  No one is safe from him.

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