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Batman Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas Wants To Replace Ben Affleck As Batman

Nick Jonas has stated an interest in becoming the next Batman.

After what seems like forever—it’s been a couple of years—it has finally been confirmed that Ben Affleck will no long play the part. At this time, it is still unclear whether he wanted to leave the role or is being forced. Now that we aren’t focusing on Ben Affleck anymore, we can finally move on and look forward to the next actor to take on the role of the Caped Crusader.

The Internet being what it is, people have already filled forums and social media platforms with their ideas on who they think would be right for the part. Matt Reeves’ adaptation, which is on its way, will reportedly focus on a younger Bruce Wayne.

In response to an Instagram post recently posted seeking opinions on who the next Batman should be, Nick Jones replied,

“First name Nick. Last name Jonas.”

It isn’t clear if he was joking or really looking to play the part. Maybe he was just trying to spin more rumors. In case he was being serious, let’s really think about this for a second.


Nick Jonas got his start performing in music alongside his brothers in The Jonas Brothers, which also happened to be part of the TV series, Jonas. From that point, Nick Jonas has dipped his toes in acting, even being a decent addition to the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle blockbuster. The movie would have done just as well without him, but he didn’t do anything to muck it up. He was also in the Directv series, Kingdom, which further proved he could be an action star if he so chose. That role alone adds some interest in what it would be like if he became Batman.

With Nick Jonas being 26-years-old, DC could also depend on him for a long time to fill the role and age with it. He is also fit and carries a certain amount of charisma, both of which would do right by the role.

Not that anyone is suggesting he really take the part, but it was fun to think about while we wait for the next rumor wagon to jump on. The Batman is set to release in theaters on June 25, 2021.

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