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Stephen King Just Issued A Warning About ‘Pet Sematary’ Remake

A new trailer for Pet Sematary released, and it definitely has a few surprises. Those surprises will be especially apparent to those who have read the 1983 novel or seen Mary Lambert’s 1989 film adaptation. The concept, including an ancient burial ground with the unholy power to bring dead things back to life is pretty much unchanged, writer Jeff Buhler has changed the story a bit regarding who actually dies, and who maybe doesn’t.

It is no secret that Stephen King really doesn’t like Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of his book The Shining, and the liberties he took to bring that film to the monumental level of cult material that it is. He continues to tell people that sentiment to this day. It’s safe to say this remake opens up the idea that this film will follow suit. However, it seems as though Stephen King has seen enough to give his approval of the remake via Twitter, saying:

This is a completely different opinion than what the film adaptation of The Shining received, and most people will have an initial reaction to think the film will be the scariest they’ve seen in a while. Remember the television miniseries that came out in 1997? After the film came out and really irked Stephen King, the miniseries actually seemed to redeem any ability to adapt the story for the screen. With 3 parts culminating in 273 minutes of screen time, it received critical acclaim and a few awards—including 2 Primetime Emmys.

That being said, the warning about this film actually being scary will being viewers to the theater in droves, hoping it is as scary a watch as Stephen King says. So far, Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer’s version of this film seems to be building momentum, and the trailers and TV spots are really playing up the chill factor.

Pet Sematary Remake

Jason Clark, Amy Seimetz, Jeté Laurence and John Lithgow all have roles in this film, which adds weight to it. With the exception of Jeté Laurence, who is young so she gets a pass, the others all have accolades and awards that really tell the story of what exceptional actors they are.

Pet Sematary will be in theaters April 5th of this year, with Stephen King’s other film adaptation, It: Chapter Two following closely, releasing September 6th. Then we’ll really get to see if the warning stands.

What do you think of Stephen King’s warning? Will you be watching the movie? Tell us your thoughts below!

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