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‘Captain Marvel’ Director Says The Film Is A Feminist And Humanist Movie

Captain Marvel has seen online controversy lately (if you want to call it that) for what some deemed as offensive comments from Brie Larson. It made a vocal group of “fans” decide to go on Rotten Tomatoes and purposely sabotage the user reviews of the movie, prompting the website to make changes to their rating system on that front.

Some recent comments from the film’s co-director Anna Boden will definitely get some discussion as well.

Speaking to Get Your Comic On, the director said:

“I mean one the things that drew us to the character for sure was the fact that she was a really powerful, really interesting, really unique and independent female character. And we are so excited to be telling this story about somebody who’s not just powerful, but also really complicated and really interesting and really human. It’s not just a feminist movie, it’s also a humanist movie.”

She also had praise for Larson, saying:

“Brie Larson in this role is so important because she is such a strong, such a dynamic and complex person and woman, and she brings so much of that to the role.”

As far as “review bombing” goes, this isn’t really a new thing. Some fans get angry about certain aspects of movies, or what an actor/actress in them say before the film is even out, and do it. There is even a specific group dedicated to doing it, so we’re sure they’ll find another way to voice their displeasure for future movies.

When it comes to what Captain Marvel’s box office tracking, the movie is set to make quite a bit of money, as every Marvel Cinematic Universe movie seems to do. Those looking forward to the movie can take comfort in the fact that it’s almost here.

Captain Marvel hits theaters everywhere on March 8th.

What do you think of the director’s comments? Are you looking forward to Captain Marvel? Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments down below!

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