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Deadpool Rumored For Marvel’s Third ‘Spider-Man’ Movie

Although the Marvel Cinematic Universe had their first major finale with Avengers: Endgame, the franchise is still going strong with Spider-Man: Far From Home coming to theaters next. While fans eagerly anticipate the next phase of superheroes to pop up across the MCU, many are curious how Disney will be incorporating their newly-acquired X-Men characters thanks to purchasing Fox. One character in particular, Ryan Reynolds’ popular Deadpool, is especially a priority for Disney.

Although Deadpool is one of the more mature characters that Marvel has to offer, that isn’t stopping Disney from wanting to bring the successful character into their MCU franchise. In fact, a new rumor says they have at least three different possibilities for continuing the hit success of the Deadpool movies.

The first of these options is a fairly obvious choice – Disney might very well go ahead with the main film franchise and produce Deadpool 3. Of course, making a direct sequel to two rather extreme films might not suit the current Marvel style.

And so their second option is producing a Deadpool series for the Disney+ streaming service. But, given that Disney wants the app to be mostly full of family friendly content – that’s unlikely without drastically changing Deadpool’s style.

Finally, the third option is a truly interesting possibility – Disney could place Deadpool into their third Spider-Man movie. But if they decided to do that, Sony would reap all of the profits since they still distribute all Spider-Man movies. And in that case, Disney likely wouldn’t want to share the extra profits made on introducing their own character like that.

Of course, at the moment these are all rumors and should be treated as such. But talks of Deadpool coming into the Marvel Cinematic Universe are actually happening either way, so who knows how they’ll officially decide to reintroduce Deadpool and friends.

Source: MCU Cosmic

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