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Spider-Man: Far From Home Flash Thompson

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‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Flash Thompson Subplot Is More Tragic Than We Realize

Spider-Man: Far From Home is breaking box office records and thrilling fans around the world. Critics are raving about the film and it is definitely not disappointing. Even with all of the crazy events leading up to the movie, from Infinity War to Endgame, the diverse supporting characters are not lost in the shuffle. But one character may have an even more tragic backstory than we realized.


Flash Thompson, the well known bully of Peter Parker, may be having a rough time at home. This could be the cause of his aggressive, narcissistic tendencies, and lashing out at Peter. Throughout the film, we see Flash making videos for ‘all of his followers’. But, we later find out that it’s really a cry for attention. Also, when Peter first uses E.D.I.T.H. with Tony’s glasses that he was left, he accidentally hacks everyone’s phones and sees what they’re doing. Flash isn’t doing what you would expect, but rather is worried about his ailing father, and is upset that he hasn’t had contact with his family the entire trip.

We also see at the airport when the kids return from Europe that Flash was hoping to get picked up by his mother, but was instead picked up by the family’s driver.

These incidences bring a whole new depth to the character, and we could see a bigger arc for the character in the 3rd Spidey film. We also saw that Flash has a big admiration for the Wall Crawler, but now that Peter has been outed as the web swinging hero, how will Thompson react?

What do you think of the Flash subplot? Does it make you feel more for the character? Be sure to tell us all of your thoughts in the comments section down below!

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