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Spider-Man Goes Back To Sony If ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Can’t Make A Billion Dollars

The Marvel Cinematic Universe on its own has been a growing success for Disney and everyone involved. Unfortunately certain Marvel properties haven’t been so lucky – mostly due to rights issues which kept them from being properly developed by Disney. Spider-Man was one such property until Sony and Disney came to a contractual deal, and although the specifics are still unknown, it seems the new film in Spider-Man: Far From Home plays a major part.

According to the contract between Sony and Disney,

“The original Sony/Marvel/Spidey deal to co-produce these movies stipulated that if this Spidey cleared a billion, Marvel would get to oversee a third. If it hadn’t, full control would have reverted back to Sony.”

The information comes from journalist Richard Rushfield’s entertainment industry newsletter The Ankler. According to him, his source on the matter is “someone very important and knowledgable.

Luckily, and rather obviously, the film should have no problem crossing that threshold. In fact, it’s already made over $600 million in its first week. As such, there should be no issue in the contract between Marvel and Sony continuing. Tom Holland also revealed that he’s signed on for three solo Spider-Man movies and three other MCU films. While the other MCU films have all been released, as well as the first two solo movies, that means there’s still one more solo Spidey entry to be made before the contract is up.

Now whatever happens after that point is anyone’s guess, but I think it’s safe to say that Spider-Man will remain under the supervision of Marvel and Disney for quite some time. Unless, of course, something happens that allows Sony to bring the character back to their domain.

Have you seen Spider-Man: Far From Home? How do you feel about Spider-Man continuing under the supervision of Marvel and Disney? Let us know in the comments section down below!

Source: SlashFilm

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