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New Look At ‘IT: Chapter 2’ Teases The Terror That’s About To Come

It: Chapter 2 is the horror film everyone is waiting to see this year. The previous movie—which was released in 2017—was a mega-hit at the box-office and it was only a matter of time when the sequel would hit the theaters. The casting of older versions of The Losers Club looks perfectly fully realized and the hype for the sequel only grew more once a full trailer dropped online. The story this time around will follow the gang 27 years later to relive the horror that they thought was defeated and find out more about themselves than expected.

Fortunately for us, we can get more of a glimpse of what’s to come via pictures released online.

The pictures of the movie aren’t something that one would consider “spoilery” but give moviegoers have an idea of what to expect this time around. Check them out!


The pictures released by Total Film show a distraught Beverly hiding in a public bathroom. There are a few options what any reader of the novel could come up with on what happened before this scene or will happen after. For the sake of keeping non-readers guessing, we won’t get into that.


The next shot is of the gang sitting around in celebration. If you look closely, you’ll notice that one member from the group is missing at the table and might be a huge telling of what point of their story the gang is in. Though it might look like a moment of joy and happiness what happens next will be an eye full.

And the final picture is of Pennywise himself:


It: Chapter 2 is poised to be another big hit in the horror genre and for WB. The film has a starred studded cast and will be helmed by Andy Muschietti once again. Grab on to your red balloon and hold on for dear life. You’ll all float down here.

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