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Thor: Love and Thunder

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‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Villains May Have Been Revealed

Thor: Ragnarok was surprised to hit where previous Thor movies had failed. The direction by Taika Waititi was the adrenaline shot of action and perfectly mixed comedy that the franchise needed. Many fans of the character and of Marvel have been eagerly waiting to see what is to come next from god the of thunder in Thor: Love and Thunder. It looks like some news on a possible villain has started hit in the internet waves.

News of the next Thor movie has been steadily coming out since the announcement of the movie arrived at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. The title of the fourth installment in the franchise was shown to many fans of the MCU and it was revealed Natalie Portman was set to return as Mighty Thor (Lady Thor to some). We also got wind that the script had been written and completed by Waititi – with production being eyed to start very soon.

It seems like the folks over at We Got This Covered have intel on who might show up as the villains in Thor: Love and Thunder.

The website reports that audience members can expect Enchantress to serve as the main villain along with Gorr the God Butcher. Now they claim that a third antagonist will make an appearance and that is Mangog. They don’t get into the specifics, but the site is fully onboard with their source inside Marvel Studios.

For those not in the know on what the hell Mangog – the character is the physical manifestation and sum total of the hatred of a billion beings from a race that was slaughtered by the ruler of Asgard and the Norse Gods, Odin.

Could Ryan Gosling be playing a villain? After all, he met with the film’s director last week:

The idea of bringing another mistake from Odin’s past makes sense to include in the new Thor movie. The character’s background and history with Odin fit the bill of past movies – where it has become Thor’s job to clean up his father’s mess. We’ll just have to wait and see as the release date of Thor: Love and Thunder arrives.

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