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Tom Holland And Robert Downey Jr. Reunite Amid Sony/Disney ‘Spider-Man’ Dispute

Tom Holland hasn’t really said anything about the Spider-Man split between Disney (Marvel Studios) and Sony. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t done anything, though, as it’s said he unfollowed Sony Pictures on Instagram – something his Spider-Man co-star Zendaya did as well. Now, however, it looks like he reunited with an old friend on Instagram yesterday – none other than Robert Downey Jr. – AKA Mr. Stark.

The caption simply reads (verbatim):

We did it Mr Stark!


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We did it Mr Stark!

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As you’d probably expect, fans seem to be loving it:

It’s nice to see, but still doesn’t tell us exactly what is going on with the Spider-Man situation. We’d have to assume it’s still the same, with Sony deciding that they don’t really need Marvel Studios or Kevin Feige to make a good Spider-Man movie. While they may believe that, it’s not really been proven as of late, as the last Spider-Man movies they made were the reason the franchise had to be rebooted in the first place.

Here’s hoping it all gets figured out, as fans really want Spider-Man to stay in the MCU.

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