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Robert Englund Makes Young Freddy Krueger Fan’s Dream Come True For Make-A-Wish

Many horror fans will likely recognize the face of Robert Englund, as his performances have stood the test of time. Making a career in genre films, Englund’s biggest mark is his performance as Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Featuring Englund as a force that can haunt the dreams of his victims, the character has been an icon ever since in the genre, constantly spreading fear wherever he goes.

With that being the case, its a nice surprise to see Englund using his evil character as a force for good. After being contacted by the Make-A-Wish Illinois program, Englund met with an 18-year old fan named Henry whose been battling a rare disease. Check out the heartwarming photo.

18-year-old Henry watched A Nightmare on Elm Street while coping with his rare disease. After being referred for a wish, Henry knew he wanted to meet his favorite horror icon who famously portrayed Freddy Krueger!

Small moments like this are truly something to cherish, with Englund’s gesture being an extremely positive one. This moment encapsulates the power that films can have, as even a dark horror film can connect with and inspire audiences on personal levels. The joy and excitement on display in the photo is really heartwarming to see, and I commend Englund for clearly making this fan’s day.

With Nightmare on Elm Street surfacing around the news, I am curious to see when, if ever, we will get to see the character on screen again. Horror remakes have continued to be profitable for studios, while also having some creative potential if done right (Halloween (2018) being the key example). I hope that Englund can one day return to the role that made him an icon, as I am sure it would please all diehard Nightmare fans.

Do you want Robert Englund to return to the role of Freddy Kruger? Let us know in the comments!

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