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Video Of Dog In Chucky Costume Has Already Won Halloween

It’s almost Halloween season and everyone is getting into the festivities – even one particular dog. A new video has been going viral and for good reason – this adorable dog is dressed up as Chucky from Child’s Play.

The video was uploaded to Twitter with only a mere ten seconds of footage on an account named My Favorite Horror. The dog in the video is wearing the iconic Good Guy doll costume, with red hair and even fake arms that sport a foam knife. As he scurries down a hallway, you can see the little arms move along with him – and it’s one of the best things ever.

Here’s how the video was captioned:

“Chucky costume for dog? Take my money, please. #horror #horrorfans.”

If that’s not enough, even original Child’s Play co-creator Don Mancini shared the video to his own account. And, with a bit of hilarity, used it to poke fun at this year’s recent remake.

“Best Chucky knock-off this year.”

Apparently the Chucky costume is only $24.78 on Amazon, with a description that perfectly details the adorable dog outfit.

“I’ll be your friend ’till you end. The deadly Doll dog costume is a stuffed body with attached stuffed arms and pant sleeves. It comes with a attachable foam Knife and a wig. The body is secured in the back with two string ties. The wig features ear hole cut outs and an elastic chin strap.”

It’s certainly both a funny and cute costume, one that makes any dog into an adorable version of the otherwise creepy killer doll. Hopefully horror fans take advantage of the fun idea and let their dogs join in on the fun of Halloween.

What do you think of the video? Would you get the Chucky costume for your dog? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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