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Midsommar Hidden Faces

Fans Locate Several Creepy Hidden Faces In ‘Midsommar’

The horror genre is home to some pretty exciting tactics used to generate suspense or genuine feelings of fear. One popular tactic is hiding subtle imagery including faces into the background or foreground of a scene. The technique is used in both older and newer films, and the latest to show off its creepy use of hidden faces is Midsommar.

One of the hidden faces in Midsommar was recently screen-grabbed and posted to Twitter. The image was uploaded by user @DanielGayLewis, who wrote the following caption:

“when the hårgas lift dani onto the pedestal and start walking to the dinner table, you can see her dead sister’s face in the trees with the exhaust tube in her mouth… this shit is in different areas! what the fuck!”

It appears that a list of several of these faces has been located on Reddit. It details the following instances:

• “So whenever Dani and Christian are on the couch in the first act of the movie and the camera slowly zooms in on the snow outside her window to the title sequence, I swear that in the snow outside you could see a creepy/demonic face for a several seconds.” – @noahhead

• “I recall seeing a face/figure in the rocks during the “fall” scene” – @hobbessss

• “At the beginning, with the wailing/singing, the close up of the forest line reveals a face.” – @GawaintheHunter

The horror of Midsommar definitely works on several levels, and these eerie faces are just one of many ways used to create the movie’s disturbing atmosphere. The film will be available on September 24 for digital platforms, and October 8 for Blu-ray and DVD.

Have you noticed the hidden faces in Ari Aster’s latest horror film Midsommar? Which ones happened to stand out to you? Let us know in the comments section down below!

Source: Reddit

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