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Sam Raimi Confirms New ‘Evil Dead’ Movie Being Developed With New Director

The Evil Dead franchise had a few start-ups in recent years. The satire horror was remade into a more serious venture in 2013. Then in 2015, Bruce Campbell returned to his role from the original series in a TV show. That series ran for three series before it was canceled. Now the original director, Sam Raimi, has talked about returning for a new installment in his long-running series.

However, with Campbell hanging up his blood-soaked shirt and boomstick, he most likely won’t return to the role of Ash. Though, Raimi confirms the actor is still attached to produce.

According to, Raimi was at New York Comic Con to promote his Grudge reboot. There is where he spoke of “more Evil Dead coming.” While sitting on a panel for The Grudge, Raimi spoke about returning to the Evil Dead franchise.

“I’d love to [direct again] — I love directing. It’s hard though — it’s hard when you don’t have the best script to direct. I’m waiting to find a script that really speaks to me, something that everyone would love, but is really personal to me, too. Then I would be back in the director’s chair.”

He expressed working with his brother again, Ivan Raimi. The pair co-wrote Spider-Man 3 and Drag Me To Hell. Sam said they penned a new script together, and that will be the next film he does. Though it’s unlikely it’s the new Evil Dead. And I doubt it’s their return to Spider-Man.

But with recent news that Tom Holland might appear in two different cinematic universes, fans are doing up mock-posters for a live-action Spider-Verse. And most of those posters attach Raimi as director. And if Campbell doesn’t want to return for Ash, he could fill that Mysterio role that was in concept art for Spider-Man 4. Multiple Supermen are working out for the Arrowverse. Why not multiple Spider-Men and Mysterios?

But I digress. There’s no further word on when this new Evil Dead will arrive. But when we see it on the horizon, you can bet Raimi will be attached.

His Grudge reboot will arrive in theaters on January 3rd. For further developments on the Evil Dead franchise, and everything else in the multiverse of horror movies, stay tuned to Screen Geek.

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