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Bruce Campbell Confirms He’s Done With Evil Dead; Wants To See A Remake Like ‘Evil Dead 2’

Bruce Campbell is a legend among horror and cult film enthusiast. The man has had a long career that spans through the decades and his fanbase has been him following along the way since he swung an ax to kill some Deadites in Evil Dead. The Sam Raimi directed film has been seen a classic over the years and has warranted sequels, comics, video games, a remake, and even a TV series on Starz. Some of the levels of popularity towards the film can be contributed to Campbell’s great acting and comedic timing.

Though the actor has popped in other movies and show where he’s able to stretch his acting legs, the dude will always be known as Ashely J. Williams, aka The Chosen One,  in the hearts of his fans.

The Starz network had decided to allow the chance for Ivan Raimi, Sam Raimi, Tom Spezialy to team up with Bruce Campbell once again in order to bring the story of Ash battling the Deadites in Ash Vs. Evil Dead series. The show was a big hit among the franchise’s fans but unfortunately was canceled after three seasons due to dwindling rating numbers. Since then, Campbell has announced that he was retiring from the character and pursue other ventures.

Never to stay down for too long, Campbell found himself hosting and producing the Travel Channel’s rehash of a classic show, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. The premise is to showcase extraordinary people with gifts and certain abilities one would not considering normal but awe-inspiring, nonetheless.

To help promote the show, Campbell was present at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and ScreenGeek was there at the press conference. While there, we could not help but ask the actor his take on a rumor about another Evil Dead movie being made by Raimi or if Campbell considers coming back to the role that made him legendary.

Sam Raimi has said that he’s determined to make another Evil Dead movie or continue the story and you’re retired form the character. Would you ever come out of retirement to play Ash one more time?

Bruce Campbell: It’s really amazing. I knew Sam was out doing PR. He produced a movie, right? Some alligator movie?


Bruce Campbell: Crawl, right. So, he’s out talking to everybody and that question—Sam’s out there you know that question is going to come up. So, he’s spewing all this bullshit, ‘Oh yeah! He might come out of retirement [Campbell]. Oh, we might make it with our without him,’ you know. Yeah, sure. So, the way the wonderful internet and good thorough journalism. ‘Campbell. Maybe coming back as Ash,’ and someone takes that, ‘Campbell says he’s coming back as Ash.’ Raimi says, ‘Yup. Go, go, go on Campbell.’ It’s like the telephone game. The further it gets removed, the more ridiculous the headline becomes.

Campbell continues:

Bruce Campbell: So, I watched a generic interview with Sam saying, ‘Maybe, maybe not,’ come into morph itself back into, ‘I’m starring as Ash.’ We want to keep the series going. To tell the continuing stories of innocent people, who have skills, going up against horrible, basically, very nasty evil spirits and trying to overcome that. To me, it’s still cool.

At least we know that the idea of continuing the world of Evil Dead is still somewhere in the back of the actor’s mind.

Campbell elaborates further:

Bruce Campbell: Whether it’s a woman lead or man lead.  Whether it’s serious like the Evil Dead remake of a few years ago. That director did it completely dead straight. That’s a dead straight movie. First Evil Dead is pretty serious. There’s no joke until Evil Dead 2 and beyond.

Interesting take nonetheless from Campbell – but here’s where the actor gives his take on another Evil Dead property.

Bruce Campbell: I’d actually like to see a remake that is sorta like an Evil Dead 2. We let the lead character comment on what the hell is going on and let them be funny. Man or woman, you know.

A remake of Evil Dead 2 has never really been attempted. The remake of the first Evil Dead was to be a jumping-off point for more Evil Dead films. Allowing the comedic element of the original Evil Dead 2 would’ve been welcomed to the proposed remake franchise.

Alas, Campbell states once again his retirement from Ash.

Bruce Campbell: The only thing that is consistent is I’m not gonna put the chainsaw back on. It’s done, you know. We don’t wanna get what I call “The Star Wars” factor here. I’m leaning over a walker and it’s painted green for they can remove it from the show. I think you know what I’m talking about. There comes a time, it’s time. Because of Ash Vs. Evil Dead, we put everything on the table. We put everything on. We got—I got nothing to give. It’s all right there.

Evil Dead Bruce Campbell

The actor proceeded to have a few laughs at his expense regarding his experience while working on the show.

Bruce Campbell: I screwed up my—what’s it called? cecadian rhythm?

Person #1 in the crowd: Circadian rhythm.

Bruce Campbell: Pardon me.

*room laughs*

Bruce Campbell: Help us explain the circadian rhythm.

Person #1 in the crowd: No.

Bruce Campbell: You pronounced it correctly.

*Person #2 in the crowd explains what the circadian rhythm*

Bruce Campbell: Yeah, for three seasons—in March, Spring forward. Great. Go to New Zealand, three days later, they fall back. So, you’re in all fall. Come home in August, it’s all fall. Go to March, Spring forward. Go to New Zealand, fall back. It’s all fall. Three years of eternal fall will fuck you up so bad—

*Crowd laughs*

Bruce Campbell: I’m telling you. Not even kidding. [Joking] I’m glad they canceled that show.

*Crowd laughs*

Bruce Campbell: For my circadian rhythm. I’ve now repaired my circadian rhythm.

It looks like Bruce Campbell is dead serious about never come back to the world of Evil Dead as Ash. The actor more than deserves the retirement and maybe director Sam Raimi will bring fans of the franchise another iteration of the story. The possibilities are still endless for Evil Dead and people are hungry for more.

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