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Robert Downey Jr. Responds To Martin Scorsese’s Controversial Comments On Marvel Movies

Martin Scorsese really pissed off a lot of nerds here recently. If you didn’t catch it, he said that comic book movies were not “cinema.” He said they are more like “theme parks.” Obviously, the esteemed director provoked a lot of outrage. Many actors from those kinds of movies spoke out against him. Though, Robert Downey Jr., one of the most recognizable faces in the MCU, said he appreciated Scorsese’s opinion.

The Iron Man actor appeared on The Howard Stern Show the other day. When asked about Scorsese’s comments, Downey said,

“It’s his opinion. I mean it plays in theaters. I appreciate his opinion because I think it’s like anything. We need all of the different perspectives so we can come to center and move on.”

Although he says Scorsese has a right to his opinion, Tony Stark said that it didn’t make sense. He argued that these movies play in theaters, therefore, they’re cinema. He further said that it was like saying The Howard Stern Show isn’t radio.

I know there are many who don’t agree with Stern’s programming. They could go on a limb and say that his show isn’t what radio should be. And that’s their opinion. So, who cares if Scorsese doesn’t like comic book movies? That’s his opinion.

Robert Downey Jr. asked Stern,

“Do you actually think Martin Scorsese is upset about Marvel movies?”

Stern argued that the director was. But the point the actor was trying to make was that Scorsese’s opinion was just another point of view. Then he asked Stern’s side-kick, Robin, what she thought. In which, she pointed out the fact that Scorsese went out of his way to make a comment. And so, Stern’s point was that the MCU has made such an impact in cinema that it’s garnered the attention of one Martin Scorsese.

Whether the MCU is “good” cinema, or not, it will rage on in the years to come. Black Widow and Eternals arrive next year. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Spider-Man 3, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and Thor: Love and Thunder will arrive the year after next. And Kevin Feige said they weren’t stopping there. Whether fans will ever contract superhero fatigue, the MCU has made multi-billions of dollars and will make at least a few more coins with these installments.

Stay tuned for more on the Scorsese Saga, and further developments on his most favored franchise.

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