Edge of Tomorrow 2

Exclusive: Doug Liman Isn’t Sure If ‘Edge of Tomorrow 2’ Is Happening – But He’d Love To Do It

Doug Liman has had a prolific career in Hollywood. After the breakout success of Swingers, Liman has gone on to direct films such as Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The Bourne Identity, Jumper, and Edge of Tomorrow, among others. In regards to the last film, the Tom Cruise/Emily Blunt sci fi version of Groundhog’s Day was a slow build of a hit, but has become a bit of a cult classic. Now, rumors have circulated about Edge of Tomorrow 2, so I asked the man himself during an interview at NYCC for the second season of Impulse, his YouTube Premium show set in the world of Jumper.

Liman had this to say about the sequel:

We’re working on that. I’m not, you know, we’re still not sure if we’re gonna do it or not. But, it’s a world that I love and that Tom [Cruise] loves and Emily [Blunt] loves and we have a great story that we’re working on. So, it’s definitely something to be excited to go back to.”

Liman continued on that he has never actually directed a sequel before, but is now excited for it.

“I haven’t done a sequel, as a director. Impulse was sort of my first foray into revisiting a world, going back as a director. Because I directed the first episode of season 2, which I’ve never… It was literally my first time as a director to go a do a sequel, basically. And it was such a great experience that I see the appeal of filmmakers who choose to do sequels. There’s something really great about getting the band back together, when you like each other.”

Impulse is set to release its second season on YouTube this Wednesday, October 16th. So, until we get something finalized on the Edge of Tomorrow sequel, you can revisit another Liman world via this show.

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