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Dylan's New Nightmare

Trailer: ‘New Nightmare’ Actor Miko Hughes Returns For Fan Film ‘Dylan’s New Nightmare’

Over the years, one thing that’s become quite common in the horror community is the popularity of fan films. They’ve not only allowed people with professional skills to create their own continuations to franchises like Friday the 13th, but helped keep the hype alive while studios waste time battling with rights or when to make a new movie. Now it looks like we’ll be getting a Nightmare on Elm Street fan film – albeit a direct sequel to New Nightmare titled Dylan’s New Nightmare – with actor Miko Hughes returning in the lead role!

As you can see in the trailer, they’ve implemented a lot of interesting tropes from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. In a time when the actual film series seems to be quite dead for the time being, this could be a fun way to rejuvenate some interest and keeping things fresh by utilizing the untapped storylines within New Nightmare. After all, acquiring Miko Hughes should add a legitimate layer of authenticity for what is an unofficial fan film project.

In the new fan film…

“This short film picks up 25 years after the events of New Nightmare and follows Dylan Porter (Miko Hughes), the young son of Heather Langenkamp, now a grown man trying to make his way in the world his parents raised him in—Hollywood. Little does he know that the evil entity known as Freddy Krueger is back, and eager to once again break into our  world through the son of his favorite victim!”

You can currently help fund the fan film’s production via Indiegogo!

The film is set to be directed by Cecil Laird. Vincente DiSanti, the director of Never Hike Alone: A Friday the 13th Fan Film, will produce the film.

How do you feel about a fan film sequel to New Nightmare? Are you excited for Dylan’s New Nightmare? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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