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Black Adam Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson Says ‘Black Adam’ Will Shoot July 2020

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was announced as Black Adam years ago. Actually, it was probably around the time when Ben Affleck was announced as Batman. Now, with Affleck playing the DC hero in three movies, and Johnson in none, a new Batman has been announced. Shazam was released, but Johnson’s villain/anti-hero was missing. Johnson was still attached as a producer. And shortly after the film was released, Johnson revealed that since writing the script, it was decided to split Billy Batson and Black Adam’s stories. But when will we see his long-awaited portrayal? Well, I guess the actor just announced when they’ll start shooting the movie at least.

On Twitter, a fan posted a picture of himself with a sculpture he made of Johnson as the DC character. The Rock caught wind of this and retweeted it with his own comment.

After praising the fan artist, he said that he will go in front of the cameras this coming July. That still seems like a long way away.

I understand that the actor is busy. He has the Jumanji and Fast and the Furious franchise on his docket. Not to mention, he’s actually committed to a TV series, HBO’s Ballers. But while his DC portrayal has been on hold for some time, remember that there’s another character he’s promised to bring to life. Yeah, we finally have news about Black Adam. But what about Doc Savage?

Doc Savage crossed over in the pulp magazines with King Kong. And with a cinematic universe involving Kong and Godzilla, I would like to see Johnson show his golden skin in that franchise.

In any case, even though July seems like a ways away, hopefully, Black Adam will be here before we know it. And not only will we see Black Adam in live-action, but it’s said he’ll duke it out with Hawkman. The winged hero was previously seen in live-action on Smallville and Legends of Tomorrow. But he will finally make his live-action debut.

In the meantime, we’ll see Johnson in Red Notice on November 13th, 2020. The film co-stars Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds. Though, when I watch it, I’ll see Black Adam with Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. He’ll reprise his role from San Andreas in the announced sequel. Jumanji: The Next Level will be December 13th. And his venture with Disney, Jungle Cruise, will be July 24th, 2020. For further developments on The Rock’s crowded plate, Screen Geek will keep you updated.

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